You Put What on your Car?!

Some things never cease to amaze me, so I’m not really surprised that I didn’t bat an eyelash when I saw a car that had eyelashes. When you see these strange accessories on a vehicle, you probably ask yourself “What really compels someone to do this?” Do drivers want attention? Does the driver think car […]

3 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Car Dock

I recently read an article on Lifehacker about a portable car dock you can create yourself using simple office supplies. Being someone whose music needs don’t pause when I enter my vehicle, I was feeling a real need to have a phone dock in my car. This simple DIY is a great way to have quick […]

The Intricacies of Car Karma

While sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-75 the other day, I began to think that life, or more specifically life while in or around your car has impeccably inopportune timing. To illustrate this lack of car karma, below is a list of a few examples that I have noticed over the years. Oh, by the […]

Car Park Vs. Parking Lot

If a random person were to walk up to you on the street and ask, “Where is the car park? ”, would you know where to direct them? Would you even know what a car park is? The other day, an English woman “on holiday” who had lost her rental car in one of the […]