LFP Continues Growth: Welcomes STEEDA Performance!

Wow…it’s crazy to think that two years have flown by since we decided to take the plunge into the world of performance. LFP has climbed the ranks and landed in the top 15 ROUSH dealers in the country within the first two years! With all that excitement, we decided that it just isn’t fair for […]

From Matchbox Cars to First Cars

Maybe driving school doesn’t start the day you turn fifteen and a half. Maybe it starts the first time you ride in a car, or the first time you set (little) foot into a cozy coop or Barbie jeep. From a young age, we are driven by something to get from place A to place […]

3 Step Guide to Fender Benders

At one time or another you will get into a minor accident (possibly today if you were traveling either of the major interstates in our fine city). In a split second you go from the afternoon commute, soccer practice, and lipstick to a screeching halt (with some possible expletives). Ok, it happened now what? While […]

What’s Your Car’s Name?

With such an emphasis on emotions, feelings and relationships, in contemporary society, Americans have relationships with everything, and I mean everything. From other humans, to dogs and cats, all the way to inanimate objects (if you had a pet rock as a kid I won’t judge) people will love and even name anything. One such […]