Who is Charlie Watson?

Do you really know anything about who you’re dealing with on a daily basis? As I watch endless TV commercials blasting $99 per month, $10,000 off, or the “best prices in town,” I rarely see a businesses talking about who they are. Of course, the financial aspect of a deal is a very important part. […]

The Faster Horse, Part 1: So You Want to Supercharge Your Mustang?

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” -Henry Ford. The Ford Mustang is turning 50 next year, and it is a car with all kinds of stories to be told. The people who love it, love it. Jeff Black is one such Mustang enthusiast and a […]

Stories from the New Guy: Charlie Watson

So here we go. This kicks off the first interview in the “Stories from the New Guy” series. This week I made the journey across the lot (heh, get it?) to the used car building to talk to the one, the only, Charlie Watson. Charlie is a pre-owned sales consultant and has been doing so […]

Charlie Watson: The Passion of a Salesman

You always hear about the stereotypical salesman who puts on the pressure, controls the conversation and doesn’t listen to customers needs. Sometimes however, you stumble upon an individual who doesn’t just sell cars to pick up a paycheck from week to week. This individual does it because he loves cars and seeing the joy on people’s faces when they’ve […]