3 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Car Dock

I recently read an article on Lifehacker about a portable car dock you can create yourself using simple office supplies. Being someone whose music needs don’t pause when I enter my vehicle, I was feeling a real need to have a phone dock in my car. This simple DIY is a great way to have quick […]

8 Surprising Yet Practical Tips on Car Care

All those fast food runs, Starbucks pit stops and carpooling co-workers and friends can contribute to the overall filth in your car. Even the most disciplined of drivers seem to struggle with keeping their cars clean.  As a former car wash employee who detailed cars for a couple years, you’d be surprised at the amount of […]

As Temperatures Soar, Your Battery Drains

As temperatures soar out of control to upwards of 105 degrees, your air conditioner is not the only car part getting a sweaty workout– it is also important to consider the health of your car battery. According to car experts, extreme heat drains your car’s battery just like winter’s extreme cold. So, as the temperatures rise, […]