Hauling 50 Dogs and Other Amazing Feats of the Ford F-150

Every new 2011 F-150 has a maximum payload (amount of stuff that you can put in the bed of your truck) at around 2,500 pounds. While Ford advertises that this weight is “best in class” one must wonder, how much “stuff” is 2,500 pounds really? Well, 2,500 pounds is: 1. 5 ATV’s 2. 50 bales of […]

Are We There Yet?: The Classic American Roadtrip

80-degree days make it hard not to reminisce about treasured childhood road trips. From the beginning of the century, families have piled all their kids, dogs, and crap into the car and headed South. West. North. East. Whether your childhood memories involve your baby sister screaming in the backseat, or more pleasant memories like driving […]