From Matchbox Cars to First Cars

Maybe driving school doesn’t start the day you turn fifteen and a half. Maybe it starts the first time you ride in a car, or the first time you set (little) foot into a cozy coop or Barbie jeep. From a young age, we are driven by something to get from place A to place […]

4 Highway Tips from the Day you Slept through Drivers School

While driving down a local two-lane highway the other day I realized that too often the tips drivers learn in driving school are forgotten or overlooked while navigating such thoroughfares. My experience went something like this—The lead car (Slowpoke) in the left “fast” lane was driving five miles under the speed limit and was essentially […]

You First. No, You.

Two cars approach a stop sign at the same time. Yes, the car on the right should go first, but since our society is oh soooo polite, they wave on the person on the left. Person on the left, insisting on the rules for crash prevention, waves person on the right BACK on again. In […]