Trucks, Shoes, and Car Buying. Wait… Shoes? (Across The Lot)

In this episode learn: What happens when 4 women take on a whole lotta’ truck, to save some money at the pump, how car buying is a lot like buying a pair of shoes, and our personal commitment to you. Special interview with April from ZipSetGo on Kick the Tires week two with the 2011 […]

Traveler’s Guide to the 2011 Ford F150

The Ford F-150 has been America’s best selling truck for the past 34 years. To many 34 years is a long time to so in order gain a full appreciation of how long ago 34 years is, let’s quickly review what was happening around the world in 1977: the world’s first computer was demonstrated at the CES […]

Taking flight in the Ford SVT Raptor [w/video]

When we receive a Ford SVT Raptor at our Cincinnati Ford dealership, almost all our employees (myself included) get pretty giddy. Much like a 10 year old feels on Christmas morning, lots of emotion coupled with a little anxiety. When you see a Ford SVT Raptor up close and have the opportunity to drive one […]

A September Afternoon of Apple Picking

The original plan? Visit the nationally renowned Schoolhouse Restaurant on Glendale Milford Rd. and then head to a “u-pick” apple orchard. But, as things often go in the busy back to school month, the mission didn’t quite happen as planned. We welcomed in the first few days of fall with a new apple-Red Ford F150, […]