3 Tips to Drive Safer This Fall

Fall is without question my favorite time of year. The leaves change and start to fall, the weather gets crisp and clear, and most importantly, my birthday is in October (it has already passed this year and yes, I will accept belated birthday wishes). But fall can also present its own driving hazards that we […]

Driving With the Top Down

Growing up, I always wanted a convertible. When I was a kid, I dreamt of driving a pink Barbie Mustang. Then, as a teen, I still hoped to own a Mustang, although I decided to lean toward a different color. Before I turned 16, my parents bought me the Mustang I always fantasized about, except […]

Guess what season it is…It’s Camping Season!

Well it’s officially fall and for many of us that means camping season is here again. So if you are like me, you too will be pulling your tents, lamps, rope, coolers, and of course blow up mattresses out of the storage closet (rustic can only go so far). Now whether you are a novice […]