Week Fifteen: On the Road to Bristol

As the Ford Project Mission One is wrapping up, Justin and I took a long weekend trip to Hilton Head. Let’s just say there was no lack of ideas on the road. The vehicle industry was everywhere, from advertisements on trucks for the new Ford Fiesta and Ford Explorer, to the massive amount of fans, […]

2011 Ford Explorer: My What Pretty Headlights You Have!

Ford has yet again released another teaser photo of the newly designed Explorer over its growing Facebook page. Last month Ford announced it will publicly debut the Explorer at an event in NYC on July 26 hosted by Ford front man Mike Rowe. Sometime before that, Ford will debut the Explorer on Facebook. Though their approach to unveiling […]

Jen Freed: The Super Mom

Car companies are a hot point of debate in Jen Freed’s family. The thirty-seven year old mother of two from College Hill has been driving Fords for most of her life, crediting her allegiance to her uncle who has worked at a Ford plant in Cincinnati since she was born.  However the uncle’s other son […]