The Faster Horse II: The Secret Life of a ROUSH Mustang

To read part 1, click here. It is a chilly April morning in Plymouth Township, and Jeff Black is surrounded by the thunder of Mustang engines. He says goodbye to his 2012 GT convertible as it is driven into the belly of the ROUSH Performance factory, to emerge on the other side, a supercharged monster […]

Stephen Peele: The SHO guy

For those who don’t spend their days writing, thinking, or talking about Ford cars, a SHO just looks like a misspelled word, and has no real significance. But for Stephen Peele, SHO enthusiast and owner of Cincinnati SHO, these cars are a near-obsession. Peele is a car-guy at heart, a passion born when he drove […]

The Man Behind the Magic: Scott Monty and Ford’s Social Media Madness

Social Media /So-shul-me-dee-uh/ n. Facebook. Twitter. Flicker. Comments and Likes. Tweetup* and peeps and posts. A dialogue online. A chat room, chat forum, chat with your fingers. Blogs and buzz and news and links.  The everyday language and the way of life for Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company’s Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager and Head of […]

Edward Payne: The Preachin’ Opera Singin’ Family Man

Fifteen cars is nothing—except when they are all “picked up” in fourteen years. That’s exactly how Reverend Edward Payne shows his love of cars, especially Fords. But they weren’t all for him. Part of being a father, for Payne, is making sure his family has reliable transportation. That’s a big job, given his big love […]