Ford Wants You To Stop Worrying About Perpendicular Parking

The dreaded parallel park has been a maneuver that many of us have feared since we took our driving test. Automakers have helped alleviate the anxiety of parallel parking by offering Park Assist features. Ford addressed this problem with it’s introduction of it’s own automated parking technology in 2009. More recently, Ford has been working on a […]

EcoBoost Engine Turns 2,000,000

Okay, so that’s misleading. The EcoBoost engine is still 1,999,996 years away from that milestone, but Ford Motor Company did make their 2-millionth engine in Louisville KY this past week. The 2.0L inline four-cylinder was under the hood of a new Escape. Click through to read more.

“Go Further” With Ford

Ford’s campaign “Go Further” was recently launched in an attempt to break the American consumer’s preconceived notions about Ford and their products. Ford, who survived the economic downfall without the need of a government bailout, has been very pleased with how their company has bounced back since the 2008 collapse. When Ford began their “Go […]

Built Ford Tough: Nat Geo’s Inside Look at the Ultimate Factory

The Dearborn Truck Plant or DTP as it is commonly referred to in the automotive industry, is this week’s star of National Geographic hit show; Ultimate Factories. Built from the ground up in 2003, this 2.6 million square feet plant produces 10 of the 11 Ford F-150’s including the incredible Ford Raptor. DTP is Ford’s next generation […]