His and Her Date Night

DEAR BOYFRIEND, It’s time for “the big date.” Anniversary, birthday, a celebration of any kind. It doesn’t matter which. I spend hours getting ready—there’s hair, there’s the dress, the makeup, the jewelry, making sure everything is just right for you. On top of that, I’ve made the plan, scheduled the reservation, printed off directions, and […]

The Classic Fight

  HER SIDE Toes on the dash. Socks on the windshield. Hanging those long legs out the passenger window on a long trip. It’s the classic his and hers car fight, and it isn’t going anywhere—FOR A REASON. When you force us to sit in your little car, or even not so little truck, things […]

Changing Gears: Riding Shotgun

You’ve eaten, slept, changed clothes, solved the world’s problems, and sang your absolute loudest in your car. In fact, this year you’ll spend between 21 and 38 DAYS (including nights) in that little space—however cozy or rage-filled it may be. Over two weeks is a serious amount of collective time to spend in even the […]