Everything You Need to Know About The MyFord Touch Update v3.6

Ford is continuing their commitment to enhancing the MyFord Touch user experience with the latest update: version 3.6. So how do you get it and what will it come with?

Need A Picture For Your MyFord Touch Screen? We Have You Covered

It’s always fun to personalize your vehicle so that everyone knows that it is really your vehicle. In the past, we’ve shown you how to add a background to your MyFord Touch screen. Check out some of these great backgrounds from the Focus MyFord Touch Wallpapers tumblr.

MyFord Touch Adds Buttons to New Models

Ford makes a habit of listening to its customers when they call for change. Through recent updates,they’ve made their MyFord Touch interface easier to navigate, improved response time and voice recognition, and increased phone compatibility. Every update takes the system another big step forward, but one thing that has stayed the same is the capacitive […]

So You’re Having Trouble Uploading A Photo To MyFord Touch?

Personalizing your experience is an important aspect to technology today. We set family portraits as our phone backgrounds. The amazing picture you took at the Grand Canyon becomes your desktop wallpaper at work. In our recent article, 5 Steps To Personalizing Y0ur MyFord Touch Background, we showed you how to personalize your MyFord Touch screen by […]