From Vauxhall to Fusion: The Story of Tony Vasilakis (Across the Lot)

In this episode learn: The past of a local man and his passion for all things automotive, how the first date with his now wife probably should have sent her walking, and what you can expect when driving around in a bright yellow Austin Healey Sprite.[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Direct Download Show […]

Everything You Ought to Know About Car Insurance (Across the Lot)

In this episode: In quite possibly the best Across the Lot podcast to date, we talk directly with Jamon Sellman, owner of Nationwide Sellman Insurance Agency, to learn the ins and outs of car insurance. Listen in as he answers questions like, “What is the best course of action when I get in a car […]

8 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Used Vehicle (Across the Lot)

In this episode learn: Important questions you need to ask your dealer before buying a used car, tell tale signs that your dealer is hiding something from you, and why Alex should have asked more questions about his current car before receiving it from his brother Jeff.

5 Car Shopping Tips from a Dealer’s Perspective (Across the Lot)

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