Window Picks and Summer Road Trips (Across the Lot)

In this episode learn about: How three women experienced the 2011 Ford Edge, how your car may soon replace your doctor, what in the world a window pick is, and how to get yourself and your car through those long summer road trips. Special interview with Andrea from ZipSetGo on week one with the 2011 […]

Are We There Yet?: The Classic American Roadtrip

80-degree days make it hard not to reminisce about treasured childhood road trips. From the beginning of the century, families have piled all their kids, dogs, and crap into the car and headed South. West. North. East. Whether your childhood memories involve your baby sister screaming in the backseat, or more pleasant memories like driving […]

5 Tips for Road Trip Survival

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes long road trips. Wherever it is you go, chances are you will be driving to that destination, and boy can those drives be boring. I’ve driven 700 mile adventures all by myself, with a friend, and with my family and it seems that no matter […]