2016 KOI Cavalcade of Customs Review

Last weekend marked the 56th year for the legendary Cavalcade of Customs car show in down town Cincinnati. The City streets shook as hundreds of exotic cars roared through the alley ways and into the Duke Energy Center to take their marks in this historic event. Cavalcade is hosted by KOI, providing impressive displays, on […]

The Complete Guide to ROUSHification: Mustang Edition

So you’ve got a Ford vehicle and you want to get to supercharging it at Lebanon Ford’s new ROUSH Performance division. Do they make parts for your vehicle? How fast do you want your vehicle to go, exactly? We’ve put together this handy guide for you to figure out what exactly you can do to […]

The Faster Horse II: The Secret Life of a ROUSH Mustang

To read part 1, click here. It is a chilly April morning in Plymouth Township, and Jeff Black is surrounded by the thunder of Mustang engines. He says goodbye to his 2012 GT convertible as it is driven into the belly of the ROUSH Performance factory, to emerge on the other side, a supercharged monster […]

The Faster Horse, Part 1: So You Want to Supercharge Your Mustang?

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” -Henry Ford. The Ford Mustang is turning 50 next year, and it is a car with all kinds of stories to be told. The people who love it, love it. Jeff Black is one such Mustang enthusiast and a […]