3 Tips to Drive Safer This Fall

Fall is without question my favorite time of year. The leaves change and start to fall, the weather gets crisp and clear, and most importantly, my birthday is in October (it has already passed this year and yes, I will accept belated birthday wishes). But fall can also present its own driving hazards that we […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 And Your Vehicle: What You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been available for a while now. It is built upon the very popular previous-gen Samsung Galaxy S3, and there’s a lot of new things you’ll be able to do to maximize its potential.

Ford Equips Police Force With The Best Tech (w/ Video)

Ford has been the go-to vehicle for police forces across the United States for decades. Now they have another reason to continue that trend: Ford has announced their new Police Interceptor Sedan, which is based off of the new 2014 Taurus.

How to Safely Pack a Pickup Truck

In honor of Truck Month, I figured I should write a post about … TRUCKS! And how helpful — and awesome — they are. I don’t drive a truck (my dad does), but having this type of vehicle around has been quite useful in the past. There are plenty of benefits to owning a truck […]