Advice From A Retired Mechanic

As I approach my grandparents’ house I hear someone tinkering in the garage. Very close now, I realize it is my grandfather turning a wrench and working on something. I peer into the garage, but he’s nowhere in sight, so, where is he? Starting to panic I round his car and to my relief I […]

A Woman’s Guide to Car Care

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no car expert. I absolutely love my vehicle and take pride in keeping it in tip-top shape, but if you popped the hood and asked me what’s underneath, there’s a slight (good) chance I wouldn’t be able to answer your question. I’m a female, so this is […]

You’re the Mechanic with SYNC Vehicle Health Report

We all look at mechanics as the doctors of our vehicles, but what if you could diagnose your vehicle’s problems without having to fork over everything in your pocket. What if you could view your car’s service history without having to go ask a guy behind a desk? What if your car could let you […]

As Temperatures Soar, Your Battery Drains

As temperatures soar out of control to upwards of 105 degrees, your air conditioner is not the only car part getting a sweaty workout– it is also important to consider the health of your car battery. According to car experts, extreme heat drains your car’s battery just like winter’s extreme cold. So, as the temperatures rise, […]