Driving With the Top Down

Growing up, I always wanted a convertible. When I was a kid, I dreamt of driving a pink Barbie Mustang. Then, as a teen, I still hoped to own a Mustang, although I decided to lean toward a different color. Before I turned 16, my parents bought me the Mustang I always fantasized about, except […]

Doggie Drive Thru

Anyone in a relationship looks forward to their partner’s end of the day stories—the ups, the downs, and the totally bizarre. Today’s story from Justin? I couldn’t resist sharing. Him: “Well, today I saw a woman rolling out of Starbucks with a venti—or is it trenta now—iced coffee.” Me: “So what?” Him: “Her dog was […]

Messy Girlfriend vs. Clean Truck

A Modern Spat for the Fast Food Generation Pulling out of the Starbucks drive-thru, she cleaned out the center console, pushed loose change aside, and moved the massive red purse to create some room for the venti schmenti foamy lattes. He tried to pay, drive away, and avoid the strategically placed trashcan in the road, […]