LFP Continues Growth: Welcomes STEEDA Performance!

Wow…it’s crazy to think that two years have flown by since we decided to take the plunge into the world of performance. LFP has climbed the ranks and landed in the top 15 ROUSH dealers in the country within the first two years! With all that excitement, we decided that it just isn’t fair for […]

The Most Convenient New Way to Fill Up Your Car?

The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) just had their 2013 convention in Atlanta, and one of the hottest displays was a robot that will refill your gas tank for you in less time than you could do it yourself. But is this kind of like polishing the china on the Titanic?

We Live in the Future: Tires Just Say “No” to Air

Describe your tires to me. Don’t make this weird. Did you respond with “rubber, they have those little ridges on them which I guess is for traction maybe?, and full of air”? Well, first, “filled with air” is usually replaced by the word “pneumatic” in the auto industry, so learn the lingo, and now that […]

We Live in the Future: Animals Make the Best Cars

One of my good friends from college has this lofty plan to make a science fiction movie at some point in his life (theoretically before the advent of actual science fiction) in which all of the spaceships will be based on the designs of deep-sea marine life. It turns out this is exactly what scientists […]