3 Tips to Drive Safer This Fall

Fall is without question my favorite time of year. The leaves change and start to fall, the weather gets crisp and clear, and most importantly, my birthday is in October (it has already passed this year and yes, I will accept belated birthday wishes). But fall can also present its own driving hazards that we […]

We Live in the Future: Tires Just Say “No” to Air

Describe your tires to me. Don’t make this weird. Did you respond with “rubber, they have those little ridges on them which I guess is for traction maybe?, and full of air”? Well, first, “filled with air” is usually replaced by the word “pneumatic” in the auto industry, so learn the lingo, and now that […]

How To Navigate The Complexities of Tire Buying

Most of us don’t give the condition of our tires much thought until it’s too late and we’re stranded on the side of the road. Though tires are usually an afterthought when servicing your vehicle, a well selected and maintained tire can contribute greatly to the overall performance of your car. Tires can lead to […]

Oh Geese!!!

Waddle, waddle, honk, honk, confused stare. As spring begins, so does the troops of geese congregating everywhere. Standing on the sidewalk, nesting near a car, and of course everyone’s favorite, the Macy’s Day Parade style strut down the street (and you know Papa Goose called all the cousins for that walk when your trying to […]