A Tent For Your Truck

My fiancé and I are in the market for a new tent and like any responsible American consumers, we have searched the internet looking for the best model, options, accessories, and price point (much like shopping for a car). While shopping online the other day I came across a tent that caught my eye and […]

Hauling 50 Dogs and Other Amazing Feats of the Ford F-150

Every new 2011 F-150 has a maximum payload (amount of stuff that you can put in the bed of your truck) at around 2,500 pounds. While Ford advertises that this weight is “best in class” one must wonder, how much “stuff” is 2,500 pounds really? Well, 2,500 pounds is: 1. 5 ATV’s 2. 50 bales of […]

What the Duck is that?

  It’s a boat! It’s a car! It’s a Duck Boat Car? Whatever. Apparently, there is a boat car, officially named for it’s military acronym DUKW (kinda sounds like Duck), which takes tourists into the Ohio River, then back out again on a tour of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. With all the flash flooding around Cincinnati, some […]

Week Fourteen: The Ford Ranger

What vehicle is just as perfect for your sixteen-year-old irresponsible son as it is for your eighty-six year-old, stubborn workhorse of a father? One does exist—whoda thunk it. The Ford Ranger is a practical first and last truck. At both of those ages, concentration abilities are limited and distractions run rampant. The Ranger is as […]