Advice From A Retired Mechanic

As I approach my grandparents’ house I hear someone tinkering in the garage. Very close now, I realize it is my grandfather turning a wrench and working on something. I peer into the garage, but he’s nowhere in sight, so, where is he? Starting to panic I round his car and to my relief I […]

6 Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Vehicle (Across the Lot)

In this episode learn: Six little known tips that may help your vehicle last longer, why the gas station you fill up at actually matters, and OnStar’s response to consumer tracking privacy.

Window Picks and Summer Road Trips (Across the Lot)

In this episode learn about: How three women experienced the 2011 Ford Edge, how your car may soon replace your doctor, what in the world a window pick is, and how to get yourself and your car through those long summer road trips. Special interview with Andrea from ZipSetGo on week one with the 2011 […]