LFP Continues Growth: Welcomes STEEDA Performance!

Wow…it’s crazy to think that two years have flown by since we decided to take the plunge into the world of performance. LFP has climbed the ranks and landed in the top 15 ROUSH dealers in the country within the first two years! With all that excitement, we decided that it just isn’t fair for […]

We Live In The Future: Better Entertainment Through Gesture Controls

Welcome back to “We Live in the Future,” in which we will tackle subjects of new and crazy ways science is changing the way we think about transportation. These will skew towards longreads, so consider yourself warned: here there be science. In the summer of 2002, our world changed. For so long, we had been […]

The Future of the Vehicle Owner’s Manual

Before YouTube, iPads, and electronics in general, there were these things called “books.” These books would house information that could only be found by turning their physical pages. This archaic way of reading was, and still is, used by automakers to show their customers what’s what in their vehicles. Happily, automakers seem to be challenging […]

Ford Renews Focus On In-Car Tech Development, Unveils Silicon Valley Lab

Ford officially opened its new Silicon Valley lab last week as a move to help the company develop better and more innovative technologies. “We have been innovating for more than a century at Ford, but we acknowledge we don’t have a monopoly on creativity,” said Bill Ford, Ford executive chairman. “Our new office will complement […]