Why All Weather Floor Mats are a Necessity for Every Vehicle!

Do you know what the top selling vehicle accessory is across all 5 regions on the United States? No need to search because I can tell you; all weather floor mats. Floor mats not only give you a great personalization look to your interior but also provide great protection with easy clean up. They are […]

Gardening Gloves at the Gas Pump

  Last week I watched a man secure his gardening gloves (stored conveniently in his backseat) before touching the gas pump. Either the man has a fragile skin condition, he’s a germaphobe, or he refuses to have his hands smell like gas. Regardless of the reason, it reminded me of the many OCD-like actions people […]

You First. No, You.

Two cars approach a stop sign at the same time. Yes, the car on the right should go first, but since our society is oh soooo polite, they wave on the person on the left. Person on the left, insisting on the rules for crash prevention, waves person on the right BACK on again. In […]

How Rotten Bananas Can Affect Your Driving Habits

Cincinnati natives know that there’s one place in town where everyone rolls up the windows. You guessed it, the Rumpke trash mountain on Colerain Avenue. But it turns out that smelling and driving can be more than just unpleasant. It can be downright dangerous. A British foundation conducted an odor study and discovered that smell […]