Ford Wants You To Stop Worrying About Perpendicular Parking

The dreaded parallel park has been a maneuver that many of us have feared since we took our driving test. Automakers have helped alleviate the anxiety of parallel parking by offering Park Assist features. Ford addressed this problem with it’s introduction of it’s own automated parking technology in 2009. More recently, Ford has been working on a […]

“I Killed a Man”: Confessions of an Ohio Drunk Driver

This past weekend, some of you might have seen a video called “I killed a man.” on YouTube. Featuring a modulated voice and a blurred face of a man, a confession follows of becoming overly intoxicated and killing a man on an interstate north of Columbus. It is one of the most powerful anti-drunk driving […]

How to Play Video on MyFord Touch from a Mobile Device [w/video]

Gone are the days where everyone has to huddle around your measly smart phone screen to see what you’re watching. Clamoring over each other’s shoulders to get a glimpse at whatever is being shown. Imagine everyone sitting comfortably in their own chairs, cup holders within reach and watching on an 8” display whatever you’re playing […]

[Video] Man on Freeway Reading a Kindle e-Book and Talking on Cell Phone

While many of us are trying to beat the texting while driving habit, this gentlemen is rewriting the book for multitasking while operating a motor vehicle. I personally have a hard enough time reading a book sitting in a stationary lounge chair let alone flying 60mph down the expressway while carrying on a phone conversation […]